Microsoft Acquires Simplygon To Accelerate ‘3D For Everyone’ Vision


Microsoft announced the acquisition of Simplygon earlier today. In case you're not familiar with Simplygon, it's a very popular software for automatic 3D optimization that many game developers use for their titles; you can find a snapshot of the companies that used Simplygon in the image below.

It's worth remembering that over a year ago, Microsoft acquired Havok, another popular middleware among game studios.

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This acquisition fits into Microsoft's larger 3D for Everyone vision, announced alongside the Windows 10 Creators Update. Corporate VP of Next Gen Experiences Kudo Tsunoda, who gamers might recall for games like Fight Night Round 3 and Def Jam: Icon, wrote:

Simplygon’s technology and talent will strengthen our position in 3D creation, making it easier to capture, create and share in 3D. It builds on and extends our aspirations to empower a new wave of creativity with the Windows 10 Creators Update, Paint 3D and our online creator community at Remix3D.com.

Simplygon was developed by Donya Labs AB, a privately held company based in Sweden. Donya was founded in 2006 with the aim to be the premier developer of automatic 3D data-optimization solutions. Simplygon is a leader in 3D game optimization, dedicated to helping creators and users of 3D data across industries optimize content pipelines and streamline workflows.

The leadership team, led by CEO Matt Connors, founder and CTO Ulrik Lindahl and co-founder Koshi Hamedi, bring a depth of knowledge around 3D creation optimization, and we’re excited to welcome the team to Microsoft.

Simplygon's CEO Matt Connors, Founder/CTO Ulrik Lindhal and Co-Founder Koshi Hamedi also commented on the acquisition via the company's official website.

Throughout our journey, we’ve been laser focused on helping developers push the boundaries of 3D. From our early days delivering advanced level-of-detail solutions, to the adoption of Simplygon SDK by most leading AAA game development studios, and our more recent expansion into enterprise AR/VR, Simplygon has made automatic 3D data-optimization increasingly more accessible to developers. Our next challenge is 3D For Everyone, the ultimate accessibility! We’re thrilled to join forces with Microsoft to make this happen.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way – our customers, partners, investors and employees.