Micron Delivers World’s Most Advanced 176-Layer NAND Data Center SSD

Micron Technology, Inc. revealed it is sampling the world's foremost vertically-integrated 176-layer NAND solid-state drive (SSD) for data centers. The Micron 7450 SSD with NVMe provides quality-of-service (QoS) latency equal to or below two milliseconds (ms), a broad capacity coverage, and the most comprehensive set of form factors open to meet the requirements of the most challenging workloads.

Micron now offers reliable QoS and industry-leading form factors to assist the needs of high-processing data center workloads

The new data center SSD possesses Micron's industry-leading NAND, which contains 176 layers of storage cells and verified CMOS-under-the-array technology to provide an ultra-efficient technique. Integrated with Micron's DRAM, internally developed SoC, and associated firmware, this vertically integrated SSD boosts the company to reply to customers' immediate needs in the market and helps preserve device security.

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"We're launching the Micron 7450 SSD at the same time PCIe Gen4 is becoming the most widely adopted SSD interface in servers," "This product delivers the world's most advanced NAND in a data center SSD well ahead of the industry and, importantly, brings consistent, reliable latencies below two milliseconds, critical to enabling quality of service in scale-out data center workloads."

— Jeremy Werner, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Storage Business Unit at Micron

The 7450 SSD accomplishes latency levels around 2 ms or less for 99.9999% QoS in typical, diverse, and arbitrary workloads — bolstering performance in databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, RocksDB, Cassandra, Aerospike, and many others. Compared to standard SATA SSDs, latency levels are reduced by almost 50%, and read bandwidth sees twelve times the workloads improve.

The 7450 SSD offers numerous capacity possibilities to supply the diverse needs of the data center. Ranging between 400GB to as high as 15.36 TB, the new SSD's vast capacity span possesses an industry-leading capacity of 8TB in a tight E1.S form factor. Additionally, the industry's most comprehensive set of form factors for data center SSDs manages the extraordinary challenges of data center workloads.

  • U.3, M.2, and E1.S form factor options that meet evolving space, power, and thermal needs.
  • The industry's only PCIe Gen4 U.3 SSD, in 15mm and 7mm thicknesses, provides flexibility for platforms requiring 2.5-inch NVMe drives.
  • The PCIe Gen4 M.2 22x80mm SSD, designed primarily for server boot use, is a compact form factor supporting power loss protection.

Enterprises employing high encryption standards for data at rest and in motion had a moderate data breach difference of 29.4% less last year than a breach transpiring at organizations operating low or no standard encryption policies. Micron's Secure Execution Environment (SEE) offers more data protection by providing dedicated security processing hardware with physical isolation. SEE dramatically improves data safety at rest by using dedicated memory, secure code, and a security processing engine. Micron SSDs present self-encrypting drive functionality and Microsoft eDrive options that help safeguard against data breaches and tailor security to specific data protection requirements.

The Micron 7450 SSD furthermore sustains Open Compute Project (OCP) deployments for eligible environments. OCP specifications have created a flourishing ecosystem and a standardized approach that helps reduce integration complexity and speeds time to market.

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The Micron 7450 SSD has a fantastic reception by many consumers and is presently qualified at multiple hyperscalers, data centers, and major OEMs. It will be public for clients to purchase through distribution starting in April.

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