MFi USB-C to Lightning Cables Coming in 2019 but They Will Reportedly Be More Costly Than What Apple Sells

Omar Sohail
MFi USB C Lightning cables coming 2019

If you were planning to fast-charge your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, you would need a USB-C to Lightning cable, but the only certified accessory that you can purchase is from Apple. Thankfully, if the latest information holds true, accessory manufacturers are going to start making their own USB-C to Lightning cables and they are going to be MFi certified. So what is going to be the drawback? They might end up being more costly than the cables Apple sells right now.

MFi Certified USB-C to Lightning Cables Are Going to Be Necessary to Fast-Charge Future iPhone and iPad Models

According to a report from Japanese website Mac Otakara, accessory makers will release these MFi USB-C to Lightning cables in mid-2019, but the way they are going to be made is a lot of different than how Apple makes its own cables. This will lead to a cost increase of $0.5, and the reason for this bump in price has been highlighted below.

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“Apple informed developers who participate in the MFi licensing program that they are planning to approve third-party products of “Apple USB-C – Lightning Cable”

Apple plans to move C48 Lightning connector to C89 Lightning connector, C68 Lightning connector to C78 Lightning connector, C12 Lightning connector to C79 Lightning connector, the price will also be about $0.5 higher.”

If Anker, Tronsmart, Aukey and other reputable accessory manufacturers start to release their own MFi certified cables, their products will be accompanied with a higher durability than the products Apple sells. In short, these cables will last a longer period of time. For now, you can find non-certified USB-C Lightning cables available readily in the market, but Apple has stated that you should purchase these at your own risk.

Additionally, Apple is expected to bundle a new 18W USB-C charger with the new iPhones that are going to be announced next week. The new 18W USB-C charger will replace the 5W charger that comes with iPhones today. The obvious benefit is that customers will be able to fast-charge their devices right off the bat and without spending additional money on a separate accessory.

If you ever wanted a certified USB-C Lightning cable, you’d have to fork over money for a new iPhone to get one, but that is not going to be the case any longer.

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News Source: Mac Otakara

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