Metro Exodus No Longer an Epic Games Store Exclusive? Listed on Microsoft Store


This is a strange one. As we're all aware, when Metro Exodus went to the Epic Games Store, it was revealed that it was a one-year exclusivity deal. According to a new listing on the Microsoft Store, we could be set to see Metro Exodus on a different platform on the PC sooner than expected. By all accounts, we could see it as early as next week if the listing is correct.

With the release date of the 9th of June, next week when Microsoft have their E3 conference and will reveal the games on the upcoming PC version of the Xbox Game Pass, it's a fair guess that Metro Exodus will be a part of this pass. This may also be a way that Deep Silver can work within the confines of the exclusivity deal with Epic Games.

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This is undeniably a good development for those who were adamant that the only reason they wouldn't play it on the PC while the only place they couldn't buy it is the Epic Games Store. With titles like Metro Exodus as part of the Xbox Game Pass on PC, those that didn't want to purchase the game from Epic Games now have a route to play the game. There is no direct price mentioned on the store so it's wholly possible that you still won't be able to directly buy it until the one-year exclusivity is complete.

All things considered, this is seemingly a fantastic move from Microsoft, increasing the value of the PC Xbox Game Pass, getting a game that is only available for sale on a store that people have issues with. It's especially a good move because Metro Exodus is a great game, at least those were my thoughts when I reviewed the game. We'll find out for certain if this is the case next week when Microsoft fully unveil the PC Xbox Game Pass.