Memory Leak Bug Reported in New Beta Catalyst 15.9

Jeff Williams

AMD released their latest beta driver, 15.9, earlier today. It came with quite a few new enhancements and performance tweaks for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront beta, there are also a few drawbacks to using a beta driver.

Memory leak discovered in AMD beta 15.9 causes severe memory issues.

Users throughout have been reporting that upgrading to 15.9 have caused some strange behavior with memory consumption both within Windows and while playing games. Some are even reporting that Chrome and Firefox increase their memory footprint rather quickly with hardware acceleration turned on. One user even noticed that simply snapping a window in Windows 10 caused a memory leak due to the GPU accelerated motion.

Aside from the apparent memory leak, however, it seems to be a rather stable release. This appears to be the only glaring issue and will likely be fixed fairly soon. AMD's drivers, despite criticism, have improved quite a bit over the past few decades. And of course, this is a beta release, so there are bound to be issues that might crop up.

The leak seems to affect users ranging from the HD7000 series on up to Fury cards within Windows 7-10. So be wary of upgrading or trying out the new beta driver just yet. This particular issue has been noticed and AMD has confirmed that a fix is in the works that will be released very soon..

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