Memoji for iPhone Transforms Your Face into an Emoji – Download it Today


If you are psyched about emoji characters, then a new app called Memoji for iPhone will definitely get your juices flowing.

Memoji Gives You the Emoji Transformation You Badly Need

It's hard to come across a text message these days that doesn't have an emoji slapped onto it. I'll go as far as saying that emoji has turned into a universal language of its own. They're easy to implement, and gets the point across in a lot of situations. But it appears as though the folks over at Lightricks don't agree with that one bit. Because they believe regular emoji characters just simply don't cut it. Their solution? Transform yourself into an emoji instead. This is all achieved using a newly released app called Memoji.

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Your face is about to go viral.
Become an Emoji! Make you and your friends laugh, cry, cry of laughter, throw up, throw a fit and more…

Forget about sending emojis. Be one.

A simple and free app, you simply launch it, select a photo or take one instantly, select the emoji you wish to transform yourself to, and the results are going to be instant. You then have the option to save the image to your camera roll or share it with others if you so desire.


While the app does sound amazing who are invested deeply into the world of emoji, but there is a small limitation. See, there are a ton of emoji characters available right now, therefore the app is limited to only a handful of transformations. Don't worry though, as the app covers all the basic emoji characters which you use on a daily basis.

As I mentioned above, the app is absolutely free to download. And it doesn't even feature in-app purchases as well, which means you get everything in one fell swoop, which is nice. If you wish to get started with the app, simply tap on the link embedded below.

Give the app a spin and let us know in the comments section what you think about it. Did it change your emoji lifestyle and give it a massive upgrade?

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