Meizu Pro 5 Screen Size Confirmed by Company’s CEO – Direct Match Up For Galaxy Note 5 Imminent


It won’t be long till we have a Galaxy Note 5 competitor and Meizu Pro 5 has just the hardware to match the capabilities of Samsung’s newly released flagship phablet. This is because the company’s CEO has announced the screen size and resolution details of its upcoming smartphone.

Meizu Pro 5 Specifications Confirmed By CEO – Read All The Details Here Because Galaxy Note 5 Is About To Face Its Equal Very Soon

Previously, we reported that Meizu Pro 5 had its packaging details leaked, and we have to tell you that it looks like the company hired some creative designers to make the box and other details stand out. Bai Yongxiang, who is the Chief Executive of the company, had stated that the upcoming smartphone is going to sport a 5.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1080p. While the resolution might not be as crisp as the one being rendered on Galaxy Note 5, the screen size has remained constant between the two smartphones.

Also, we believe that the company has made very good decision in limiting the device’s resolution to 1920 by 1080 pixels. Content on the device will remain visually attractive, and best of all, it will not stress the processor, leading to a much longer battery than the total amount of time you will experience on Galaxy Note 5. Additionally, Meizu Pro 5 is going to be available in two chipset variants. One variant will be running Samsung’s own developed Exynos 7420, while the other one will be a Helio X20 version.

Looking at the benchmarking leaks of Helio X20, we have to say that this version is going to be the better purchase, although we have a feeling that the company is going to price it might higher than the Exynos 7420 model. According to the previous details, Meizu Pro 5 will not have a MicroSD card slot, which is the same approach that was followed by the company when it announced its MX5.

Supplementing the performance of the powerful processors will be 4GB of RAM, along with internal storage that will range between 32 to 64GB, depending on which model you intend to purchase. Meizu Pro 5 will also sport a 21MP rear camera, followed by a 5MP one. While the following has not been confirmed, it is possible that the smartphone will have Sony’s IMX240 camera sensor, so that the company can distinguish the image snapping qualities of Meizu Pro 5 and MX5.

The upcoming smartphone is expected to be announced on September 23, and has been rumored to carry a price of 3,000 Yuan, or $470.97 USD. Looking at the price tag, do you guys believe that the smartphone is a worthy purchase over Galaxy Note 5? Let us know your thoughts.