MediaTek’s Helio X20 Suffering From Throttling Issues; Manufacturers Jumping Ship


With Qualcomm and Samsung now engaged head to it for the mobile processor crown, there's very little news about other companies. Rewind back a month or so and we saw chipsets from other manufacturers create some hype as well. MediaTek's Helio X20 was one such processor, that claimed to have changed things by introducing 10 cores into the frame.

While traditional ARM based SoCs follow big.LITTLE architecture, the Helio X20 came featuring big.Medium.LITTLE on board, with the Medium cluster claimed to reduce any extra burden on the high performing (energy requiring) LITTLE cluster.

Helio-X20-MediaTekMediaTek's Deca Core Helio X20 Reportedly Suffering From Overheating Issues

While the idea of 10 cores on a mobile processor might sound good on paper, practical implementation has its own set of drawbacks. Qualcomm's shift to Cortex A-series cores last year led to the manufacturer facing its own set of troubles. Manufacturers including Samsung and LG chose to skip over the Snapdragon 810 completely, while those that did take the risk ending up facing their own set of complications.

That being said, with the future looking relatively bright for both Samsung and Qualcomm, its a bit disappointing to hear about MediaTek's woes for the MT6797. In fact, according today's information suggests that not only have these problems led to deliveries being late to customers but several, including the likes of HTC having scrapped plans for using the processor in their devices all together.

The second bit of news regarding the chipset is particularly diconcerting since we've heard whispers that the upcoming HTC One M10 will be featuring both the Snapdragon 820 and the Helio X20, which would have been most likely been its debut on a large scale. The Helio X20 has managed to show some impressive benchmark scores in the past, with the chipset managing to score above 85,000 in Antutu according to some leaked benches.

In fact, the company itself seemed pretty confident about the Helio X20's performance as we managed to see the chipset gain a 33% lead over the Snapdragon 810 according to MediaTek's official benchmarks. So today's throttling reports are quite disappointing indeed, but given the nature of information these days, we'd advise you to wait until we see similar information surface or the Helio X20 becomes available at a large enough scale to aggregate performance results. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated in the meanwhile.