Bad News As Xiaomi Set To Bail On MediaTek; 10nm Helio X30 Orders To TSMC Will Be Cut In Half

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It's a good year for mobile folks. A lot of great new features are headed our way once major manufacturers launch their flagships. The iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 will set the pace for devices that will appear in the next two to three years. One big upgrade is the introduction of 10nm processors, set to bring about a host of performance and power efficiency upgrades. However, it isn't rainbows and unicorns for everyone, as you'll find out below. Take a look!

MediaTek Might Cancel Half Of Its Orders For The 10nm Helio X30 With TSMC If Xiaomi Bails Out On Deal

It's a tough for for mobile too folks. The added advantages of 10nm come at a cost. Fabs simply don't have enough manufacturing capacities to meet all orders. This phenomenon is best highlighted with Samsung's inability to accommodate other manufacturers for the Snapdragon 835. HTC and LG won't have the processor to use in their flagship smartphones, and the Korean tech giant is to blame.

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Now, another controversy regarding the process is unfolding in China. We now learn that MediaTek just might cut its orders for 10nm processors in half. It'll mean bad news for TSMC, as the fab will have to adjust its forecasts. Publication DigiTimes reports that MediaTek's earlier deal with Xiaomi for the Helio X30 will not pan out as expected, resulting in a massive decrease of units to be shipped.

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For the Helio X30, MediaTek had three customers, LeEco, Xiaomi and Meizu. LeEco was forced to cancel orders due to financial constraints, and now, Xiaomi won't develop a customized processor with the company either. That only leaves Meizu and the company's demand will not satisfy MediaTek's initial orders with TSMC. The Taiwanese manufacturer does have other customers, but they have not committed to use 10nm processors in the devices this year.

The MediaTek helio X30 is the world's first deca core 10nm processor. It uses two Cortex A72 processors @ 2.8GHz for high performance tasks, four A53 cores @ 2.2GHz middle tier and four A35 cores @ 2GHz for basic performance. It's a unique approach to 10nm and will mean a lot of hardcore task executions. However, this won't materialize if manufacturers do not use the chip in their devices. Let's hope fortunes turn for the maker. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest. We'll keep you updated.

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