Maxwell GTX 750 (Non-Ti) Inbound Aswell – Will Require No External Power Supply

Well well well, the dust hasn't settled on the GTX 750 Ti and I just got word from that Nvidia is preparing not one but two Middle-Tier cards with the Maxwell Architecture. We recently released graphic benchmarks for the Ti and our friends over at released some more yesterday.  The GTX 750 should be slower than the Ti but about 25% faster than the GTX 650.

Maxwell GTX 750

GTX 750 Non-Ti Edition with Maxwell Architecture to Arrive along with the Ti - No Power Supply Required Apparently

According to sources the Maxwell GTX 750 Ti is releasing on the 18th of February. The Maxwell GTX 750 is thought to be a simultaneous release, ie you should expect it to be released on 18th feb too, alongside the Ti. The GTX 750 Non-Ti will basically be a cut down variant of its big brother. It will also have 2GB worth of GDDR5 Memory but perhaps more interestingly it will not require an external power supply.

Its Power Draw is slated to be 75W and it will take that power directly from the PCI-e connection, requiring no external connector or PSU pins. Our sources insist that despite of this the GTX 750 will score about 25% better than its predecessor. We also expect you to see custom variants very soon, though the reference design should be available for sale as well (not just to OEMS).

Another piece of information is that the GTX 750 is being released to replace the GTX 650 Ti Boost. Now this is here where our already raised eyebrows go through the roof. If you remember the benchmarks, the GTX 750 Ti couldn't beat the GTX 650 Ti Boost so how can the GTX 750  be expected to beat the same, with no power connector mind you? Perhaps they are referring simply to the price range?The price range target is speculated to be 200USD to 250USD including tax.

Update - We have just been updated that the GeForce GTX 750 (Non-Ti) would cost around $110 US at launch while the faster GeForce GTX 750 Ti which is based on a different core would be priced around $150 US. Both cards are expected to feature 2 GB GDDR5 memory running along a 128-bit memory interface.


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