Maxwell Finally Gets Listed – Nvidia GTX 750 Ti with 2GB GDDR5 Memory and $225

Usman Pirzada

Well well well, it seems that the first listing of the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti has finally appeared. The listing is of the ASUS variant of the GTX 750 Ti OC and features just 2GB GDDR5 of Memory.

Maxwell ASUS GTX 750 Ti Gets Listed on Online Retailer Tech 2 - Features 2 GB of Memory and a Price of Approximately $225

The GTX 750 Ti is generally expected to be the first Maxwell card after a leak by SweOverclockers. That said when some alleged benchmarks leaked of the GTX 750 Ti they were very disappointing and also most probably completely fake.

Note that some illegal variants of the GTX 750 Ti had already leaked back during the launch of the 7xx series and featured the Kepler Core. Those variants were then pulled from the market asap. Interestingly the Kepler GTX 750 Ti was bench marked before being pulled completely. And it was more powerful than the GTX 660. This is why we more or less disregarded the leaked benchmarks and only posted them for coverage's sake. Because if a Kepler GTX 750 Ti can beat a GTX 660 then a Maxwell GTX 750 Ti should have no problem.

Just recently online retailer site Tech 2 has listed the Maxwell GTX 750 Ti with 2 GB of Memory but with a steep price tag of 50 000 HUF ($225). They have even mentioned the product code "ASGTX750TIOC2GD5". Now this is where the real question arises. The price tag of $225 is very steep for such a mid range card. And if performance is anywhere near the Kepler 750 Ti (If it is anywhere near the leaked benches then God help us all) then it would be a bad move on Nvidia's part. Not only that but it makes absolutely no sense to spearhead a new architecture with a mid range card. Unless of course performance is nowhere near what we are expecting.

If the Nvidia Maxwell GTX 750 Ti manages to blow its competition out of the water then the price tag will more or less be justified and it will also make for a brilliant PR stunt. They would get a point across that they do not even need to release high end cards so soon because their Mid Range card is enough to handle any nearby rivals.

Regardless, if the first listing has appeared then we are very close to the grand finale when Nvidia finally reveals Maxwell.

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