Mass Effect’s Rumored TV Show Criticized by Former BioWare Lead Writer, and He Has a Point


Yesterday rumors emerged that Amazon, hot of the success of their new Wheel of Time series, is aiming to get into sci-fi with a Mass Effect series and reaction from fans has been mixed. Some are some excited, some are skeptical, and surprisingly, a former BioWare lead writer is in the latter camp. David Gaider mostly worked on the Dragon Age series while at BioWare, but his recent Twitter comments apply to all BioWare franchises and really cut to the core of why video game adaptations so rarely work…

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Well, I can’t really argue with any of that! Again, what Gaider says pretty much applies to any video game adaptation – with few exceptions, their worlds just fall apart without direct engagement from the player. Is there a way to do a compelling Mass Effect TV show? Sure, but it’s going have to get past the “I’d rather just be playing Mass Effect” roadblock like every video game adaptation.

What do you think? Would you tune in (or, uh, hit the play button) for a Mass Effect show?