New Version of ALOT 2K/4K Textures Mass Effect Mod for ME 1,2,3 Released


A new version of the ALOT 2K/4K textures Mass Effect Mod for Mass Effect 1,2 and 3 has been released which adds more new textures to make the Mass Effect games look even better.

Version 6.1 of the ALOT textures mod supports all three Mass Effect games, and adds jaws52590's superb textures for the Explorer armour, adds shifty cow textures by from modder CreeperLava, and adds medic outfit textures.

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According to the mod’s description, “the goal is to achieve the best look possible, while remaining very close to the vanilla (unmodded) style”. Comparison screenshots can be found here, and we’ve also included some screenshots from the mod in action down below:\

Those interested can download the new version of the ALOT 2K/4K Textures Mass Effect Mod right here.