Martin Jetpack – The Future is Finally Here.

Usman Pirzada

Martin Jetpack is an actual working jetpack created by the Martin Aircraft Company. How many games we have played and retro movies watched with people flying around with jetpacks and thought – that looks like fun. Well the Martin Jetpack is the product of hard work and more importantly it’s a real life jetpack people, one that you can buy.

Martin Jetpack

Martin Jetpack Specifications

The Martin Jetpack can fly for up to 30 minutes as far as 30km. It can go as fast as 76km/h. The Martin Jetpack supports a V4, 45 litre 200 HP engine capable of lifting weights upto to 330 KG.

The Martin Jetpack is quite far from the traditional jet pack view embodied by GTA San Andreas and the likes. This Jet pack is bulkier, sleekier and infinitely more powerful. Its basically high efficiency jet engines strapped to your back, alarmed? You should be, that is the main cause why jet packs have not been built yet – at least not ones that don’t roast you from the wasit down. However the Martin Jetpack’s many features is its amazing safety features. Not going into much detail (the full length version can be found here) the Martin Jetpack has burn-protection (not the official term ofcourse but probably the most important), a roll cage, fail safes and a minimum avoidance curve, which means that your chances of crashing are minimal.

The Martin Jetpack can be Yours for $ 100 000

The Martin Company claims to produce a consumer version by 2015. The Martin Jetpack will retail for around $100 000. So if you have $100 000 to spare rest assured you will be annoying ht heck out of your neighbor in no time. The Martin Jetpack is a thing of beauty and will make  some rich guys very very happy.

A Consumer Jetpack will raise interesting questions and changes in the law. I mean if you are flying your Martin Jetpack over another persons house and looking down, does that count as privacy invasion? Is there a time limit you can hover over somebody’s house before they call the cops? Needless to say the times are a changing.

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