Mark Cerny to Provide More PS4 Pro Info at London ‘Future of Play’ Event; Nioh Support Confirmed

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PlayStation 4 Pro's launch is imminent now and Mark Cerny will apparently attend a London media event called 'Future of Play' to provide more technical details, as well as showcasing many new games.

This has been confirmed by the German YouTube channel Inside PlayStation. The owners have been invited to the event (November 2nd-3rd) and have also provided a list of some games that will be playable in the video description.

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Days Gone
  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • NIOH
  • Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite

As you can see, the list includes Team Ninja's action RPG game Nioh, which we covered recently through an exclusive interview with Game Director Fumihiko Yasuda who expanded on the game's length, difficulty and likelihood of PC port.

This is the first time that we get a confirmation of Nioh supporting the PS4 Pro console; interestingly, the game already offers the option of choosing between higher frame rate and better visual quality on the original PlayStation 4. We can probably expect to find both on the new console, though of course we'll have to wait official details from the developer.

As for Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, it's set to launch globally on November 10th for a price of $/€ 399 and £349. There won't be any exclusive games, so you're not missing anything other than improved graphics and possibly more stable frame rate in case you stick with the old console. PlayStation 4 Pro's computing power is estimated to be around 4.2 teraflops, which is a significant improvement over PS4's 1.8 teraflops. It will provide 4K-like graphics mostly through a series of techniques called checkerboard rendering/geometry rendering, while many games will run at 1800P (3200x1800) before being upscaled to 4K.

That's only if you have a 4K display, though there will be improvements even for those who will use PS4 Pro with an HDTV display, such as increased fidelity via supersampling. We'll have a lot more on Sony's enhanced PlayStation 4 console in the days leading up to the launch, so stay tuned.

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