Manage And Control Your Music In Style With Clex3 Jailbreak Tweak


If you're lucky enough to possess a jailbroken iPhone, get a load of this jailbreak tweak that lets you have better controls over your music. If you listen to music often then Clex3 is the jailbreak tweak for you. The tweak not only provides an easy way to control and manage your music, but provides a new look that fits into iOS 9 perfectly.

Clex3 Lets You Control Your Music With Easy Gestures

Clex3 adds two UI controllers that allow the listener to control music playback, lyrics of the current song being played and access to other music by the same artist. If you want to access the first controller, simply swipe towards the right side of the display. The second controller can be accessed by swiping to the left hand side of the display. Both of these controllers share distinct functions, so you will have to familiarize yourself about them.

The controller on the right side is responsible for managing the music you are listening to, while on the other hand, the left controller, also called the Clexboard, initiates several plugins for various commands. Currently, Clex3 has four plugins constituting of iTunes, Albums, Songs and Playlists. Each of the plugins installed have their own distinct function.

The iTunes plugin shows a list of top songs currently being played on iTunes. Users can simply search their songs and they can also preview them with a simple tap. The Album plugin is responsible of showcasing all the music albums in one place. This provides users with an easy access of their albums. The Playlist shows all your playlists (if you have made any). Finally, the songs plugin displays all your songs accumulated in one place. You can play your song from here. More plugins are said to be added in the future.

Clex3 has provided users with a revolutionary way of controlling and managing their music with easy gestures. Moreover, the tweak also features a beautifully designed UI, so users who are pretty much bored with the stock music app can check it out. Currently, users with iOS 9 or higher have the availability to download and use the app. In the meanwhile, users with iOS 8 installed can download Clex2 and iOS 7 users can install the original Clex jailbreak tweak.

The only drawback Clex3 has is that it does not work on jailbroken iPads yet. So you will have to install it on your iPhone for now. As for now, what do you guys think about the Clex3 jailbreak tweak? Share your thoughts in the comments.