Majority Note 7 Owners Opted for Galaxy S7 Edge as Replacement – Demand Is on the Rise


Majority Galaxy Note 7 users opted to get a Galaxy S7 Edge as a replacement device. The demand for the S7 Edge is at an all-time high.

Galaxy S7 Edge Demand Rises as Note 7 Exits the Market

When Samsung discontinued producing the Galaxy Note 7, the company made it abundantly clear that users should power down their devices and return them to the Korean giant. The choice of getting another phone from Samsung was also given to users, and it seems as though majority opted to get a Galaxy S7 Edge in return. How many exactly? According to supply chain sources - 90% of the total users who returned their devices. That's a huge number if you're asking us. And it's absolutely understandable since the Galaxy S7 Edge is the best phone right now from Samsung, considering the Note 7, the company's top dog, has bitten the dust.

Interestingly, many carriers in the United States have gone dry in terms of S7 Edge stock and are awaiting further shipment. The Korean giant is currently in the process of producing more S7 Edge units as we speak, so please exercise some patience if you see some shipping delays at your local retailer.

If you do opt to get a Galaxy S7 Edge or any other phone from Samsung, the company will make up for the price difference as well. For instance, getting yourself a S7 Edge will land you up to $125 from the company. But the deal is far more sweeter in the United Sates, as those returning the Note 7 and swapping it out for another Galaxy device are eligible for free $100 worth of credit.

At the end it's totally up to you which road you should take. If you're seeking for a personal opinion, I would suggest opting for the Galaxy S7 Edge straight up. Why? Because it's only marginally smaller than the Note 7 and packs quite a lot of punch. You won't be getting the S Pen and its brilliant features though, but hey, you get the very same camera and premium design as well. The iPhone 7 Plus is also a decent choice, only if you're ready to ditch your current platform for iOS.

Be sure to let us know in the comments section which device you opted to go with. Also, while you're at it, be sure to check out our Galaxy Note 7 alternatives post below. Maybe you'll end up finding something great in our list.