Major Flaws In Sandy Bridge Chipsets; Shipping Stopped

Sabeeh Qureshi

Uh oh. Seems like there's a problem at Intel. Apparently their "Sandy Bridge" chipsets are turning out to be defective regarding the Cougar Point Group. Translated from Chinese to English, this is what has happened:

Be considered as the computer industry this year, highlights of the Intel "Sandy Bridge" platform, due to defects with the chipset, Intel decided to stop shipments, and re-production of new versions; the trade, industry, notebook computers and motherboards under the revised assessment of the first quarter of shipments, and the influx of global computer replacement will be delayed start.

Intel is in this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) introduced Sandy Bridge processors, Taiwan time on January 9 on sale from global synchronization, but time of 31 announced in the U.S. to stop shipping defective.

Electronics industry in the first quarter is not good

Intel's Sandy Bridge chips used in Cougar Point Group contains design flaws, internal link port may be degraded over time, thereby affecting the device performance, as Sandy Bridge is the lunar new year, PC industry, the heavy head to long for drama. PC system works is estimated that the terror so that all defective chips listed on the progress of the industry deferred four to six weeks.

Industry expectations, Intel chipset that package, the computer industry supply chain, including motherboards, printed circuit boards, memory, USB3.0 chip, semiconductor packaging and testing, and access other operators are of the same test, in addition to the impact of first quarter sales by the first Second, three quarters were forced to re-adjust the sales forecast, lead to global PC supply chain and sales order imbalance.

Legal interpretation, the Taiwan stock market is still closed, the Intel chip defects related to bad although not immediately impact the stock factory units, but in February and March sales will bear the brunt of the test.

IT industry came, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and other motherboard industry with the brand of computer industry, Intel chipsets have received notification of design errors, related industries, held an emergency executive meeting yesterday Xiaonian Ye, in addition to inform the Chinese factories to stop production, also began planning for the aftermath.

Injury to the global supply chain

Industry stressed that as temporary out of Sandy Bridge package, domestic brands have to stop production in response to the computer, we must wait until the arrival of the new chip set, to produce motherboards.  Although the problem is not the Sandy Bridge processor, but mostly with the processor chip set to use, the impact of the global PC industry should not be underestimated.


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