macOS Mojave Lets You Import Photos Straight from iPhone, iPad Camera – Here’s How it Works

Uzair Ghani
import photos

macOS Mojave has a cool new feature that lets you import photos or scan documents straight from your iPhone or iPad. We'll show you how it works.

No Need to Rely on AirDrop or iCloud Photo Library with macOS Mojave - Continuity Just Got a lot Better

Though some might dismiss macOS Mojave as a small update but it comes with a bunch of surprises of its own. One of them is the ability to import photos straight from your iPhone or iPad's camera. Not only that, you can even scan documents too if you like. It's like magic, but in the realm of technology.

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Previously, before iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, if you you had to snap a photo from your iPhone or iPad and send it to your Mac, you had to first take a shot by launching the Camera app manually, then either wait for the image to upload to iCloud or you can just AirDrop it to your Mac. Now though, things are a little different, for the better, of course.

The features is called Continuity Camera and here's the literature about it straight from Apple's website:

Now you can use your iPhone to shoot or scan a nearby object or document and have it automatically appear on your Mac. Just choose Insert a Photo from the File menu. You can take a photo of something on your desk and instantly see it in your Pages document. Or scan a receipt, and a straightened version is immediately available in the Finder as a PDF. Continuity Camera works in the Finder, Mail, Messages, Notes, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. It’s another way iPhone and Mac just click.

Just to demonstrate how this feature works, first of all you have to make sure that WiFi and Bluetooth are turned on, both on your iOS device and Mac. Once that is out of the way, right-click on your macOS Mojave desktop. You'll see a new option here called 'Import from iPhone or iPad.' Select which device you have with you right now then click on 'Take Photo.' The Camera app will automatically launch on your iPhone or iPad. Snap the photo and then tap on 'Use Photo.' In an instant that photo will appear on your desktop.

import photos
import photos
import photos

But wait, it gets even more interesting. Launch an app like Pages or Keynote. From here you can pull off the same thing. Basically, this feature works across the board where you can insert or paste images. Told you it was magic.

If you ever, ever wanted to give someone an example how software should work across the board then you can simply use this feature as a great demonstration on both iOS 12 and macOS Mojave.

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