macOS 10.3.4 High Sierra Pulls off an iOS 11, Warns the User if an App is 32-bit

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Apple is slowly phasing out 32-bit apps, and that plan has become more evident with the release of macOS 10.3.4 Beta for developers.

32-bit Apps are on the Way Out. macOS 10.3.4 Beta Warns Users if App is Not 64-bit.

With the release of iOS 11, Apple made the bold move of dropping 32-bit architecture from its mobile OS altogether. This means that if your favorite app hasn't been upgraded to take advantage of the 64-bit architecture then it just won't work with iOS 11 at all. Apple is now taking that practice a bit further with the release of macOS 10.3.4 High Sierra Beta.

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If you download an app from the Mac App Store that hasn't been updated to support 64-bit architecture, then a message will pop up before launch outlining that. This clearly means that Apple really wants to phase out 32-bit apps completely across the board. This is somewhat of a good move as it will encourage developers to update their apps, making them more current when it comes to under the hood technologies. But at the same time, this could spell disaster for those users who rely on tools on a day to day basis and are yet to be updated for 64-bit support.

Apple has made it clear to developers that apps submitted after January 2018 must have full-on 64-bit support otherwise it won't be approved. Also, at the time of writing, the 32-bit app warning is somewhat subtle, like how it was on earlier versions of iOS 10. But as we move closer to the release of macOS (10.4), things might get a little too aggressive from Apple's end.

We will keep you updated if there are more updates in macOS 10.3.4 which readers should be aware of, so stay tuned.

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