Next MacBook Pro Refresh Could Boast Much Better Battery Life Thanks to Display Change


Complaints of battery life not to mention the removal of several important ports from the new MacBook Pro didn’t make it a good notebook purchase for several users who were knee deep in being creative professionals. Apple stated that it intended to create a notebook that would deliver more battery life but due to moving back to a previous design, the plan didn’t work out as intended. Therefore, according to the latest report, the manufacturer plans to go down another route; incorporate different displays in order to help its notebooks have better battery life.

Latest Report Suggests That Upcoming MacBook Pro Refresh Will Feature IGZO displays in Order to Consume Less Battery Power

According to a report from IHS (via DigiTimes), Apple is said to procure an estimated 13.6 million notebook panels in 2017, and although they are much fewer compared to the 16.2 million units procured in 2016, the next generation of MacBook Pro notebooks should deliver better battery life thanks to IGZO displays. Keep in mind that Apple continues to use TFT LCD panels on its notebooks, but it looks like that is all going to change during the end of the first quarter of 2017.

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LG Display has been reported to be the primary supplier of these panels, while Samsung Display and Sharp are expected to deliver the remainder of these panels. Where other manufacturers have finally started transitioning to using AMOLED displays, allowing their products to improve brightness and contrast all the while consuming less energy, for some reason Apple continues to use TFT LCD panels, which is somewhat detrimental for a notebook’s battery life.

Adding more issues to the 2016 MacBook Pro would be the fact that they are thinner compared to previous generations, which would obviously force the company to use a smaller battery capacity. Are you finally glad to hear that Apple could be switching to a new display tech in order to combat battery issues on its notebooks? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.