Quick Thinking Saves 2015 MacBook Pro Owner As Notebook Explodes Melting Motherboard And Fans


Ah technology. It's a bliss. Our gadgets have made sure that connectivity , work and lay are a lot easier to achieve even from our homes. For the 21st century, silicon is akin to the invention of the wheel. However, even as it's become a constant part of our lives, using gadgets comes with its own sets of risks. Our electronics are a careful balance of chemicals that can produce disastrous results should things go wrong. Today, we've got just that case for you. A 2015 Apple MacBook Pro has exploded, with its user staying safe. Take a look below for more.

Apple MacBook Pro Explodes Due To Battery Malfunction; Notebook Completely Destroyed

Samsung's set a bad precedent for the tech media. The Galaxy Note 7's exploding batteries have not only left the Korean tech giant red faced, but they've also made users ultra sensitive to any similar reports. Apple isn't safe from explosions either, as we've seen a lot of reports surface for the iPhone 6 lineup. In fact, the iPhone 6 Plus developed strange battery issues a while back, which Apple has solved recently.

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Now, today's report of a MacBook Pro exploding is very disconcerting. As common sense dictates, laptops are much bigger than smartphones. Therefor, the chances of damage from such malfunction on them also increase as size increases. User Daniel Dourvaris was saved by some quick thinking, as his notebook started to hiss fire while on battery power.

Dourvaris was using his MacBook lying on his bed when it started to hiss smoke. He got up and ran to his bathroom, to drop the device on ceramic tiles. The heat emanating front he MacBook was so severe that it burned his fingers as well. As he stepped away, there was a band and the notebook continued to hiss acidic smoke. The laptop was completely destroyed and Dourvaris doesn't think that his hard disk survived either.

The fire melted entire right side of the motherboard and fans. You can gauge the intensity of the fire by taking a look at the MacBook's backplate in the last image above. We're glad that Dourvaris wasn't away from his laptop at the time of explosion. After all, had it caught fire on flammable materials, it would have resulted in very different outcomes. You can take a look at the complete account here. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.