MacBook Pro With Anti-Reflective Coating Issues Treated With A Quality Program From Apple


MacBook Pro users whose machines have been suffering from anti-reflective issues will be pleased to know about a new Quality Program has been introduced by Apple. Let us see all the details here.

MacBook Pro Models That Are Afflicted With Anti-Reflective Issues Can Be Replaced With No Additional Costs Whatsoever

According to a source, MacBook Pro owners will be able to replace their machines if they are suffering from anti-reflective issues. According to the details of Apple’s Quality Program, the company will provide replacement of MacBook or MacBook Pro models with Retina displays that are suffering from this issue. However, the only requirement that the user will have to fulfill is making sure that their machines are within three years from the date of original purchase, or one year from October 16, 2015, whichever is longer.

Customers who ended up paying additional costs for fixing this issue will be eligible to receive a refund from Apple’s AppleCare support. According to the source, if you want to book an appointment, then make sure that you do it with a Genius Bar or visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider in order to determine if the product is eligible for coverage. Additional reports state that Apple will not be posting the new Quality Program publicly on its support website, but will be making calls to potentially affected customers directly.

The anti-reflective issue, which is being referred to as Staingate first appeared during the month of March and it prompted thousands of users to begin an outcry session that would branch out to social networks, public forums and eventually went onto becoming an online database. Despite the fact that some happy Apple consumers have been able to replace their MacBook Pro machines under AppleCare without paying a single dime, others were not as lucky as they have been informed that cosmetic damage is not covered under warranty.

While the support service offered to have their notebooks repaired for a service charge, it ended up giving them a bill of hundreds of dollars, which is not an economical route by any means necessary. Has your MacBook Pro or MacBook with Retina display been affected with the same issue? Were you able to get it replaced under Apple’s Quality Program? Let us know your thoughts.