Customer Ordered a MacBook Air – Shipment Delayed to October 30 Suggests New Iteration Will Be Launching

MacBook Air order delayed to October 30

The MacBook Air model that Apple last released is powered by Intel’s fifth-generation processor lineup and it is in dire need of a replacement. If a recently leaked e-mail is any hint, we might see a new MacBook model during the upcoming October 30 event.

Customer Ordered Several Apple Products - All Got Delivered in a Timely Fashion Except for the MacBook Air

The backstory is that a K-12 education customer recently ordered a MacBook Air, Apple Pencil, and iPad. Apple shipped the iPad and the pen accessory but said that the MacBook Air would be delivered on October 30. The date has fueled speculations that Apple will release a new 13-inch MacBook on October 30. Even though there are chances that this might just be indicative of a minor specifications upgrade, it is unlikely as the aging MacBook Air would best be replaced.

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According to previous rumors, the new 13-inch machine will have the same form factor as the current 12-inch MacBook but it will do away with the Air moniker. The order placed by the customer was for the 256GB variant which retails for $1,199 and since the e-mail does not talk about any price change, it seems that the same price would be charged. However, schools usually pay less and it is also possible that Apple is offering a deal to that customer, so the actual price may vary. A previous report had alleged that the new machine would cost $1,200.

Once the new machine is released, the price of the entry level 12-inch MacBook is expected to drop to $999. The new machine would essentially bridge the gap between the MacBook and MacBook Pro series and offer a middle ground if you need a powerful machine that is affordable. The e-mail also says that shipping time may change so it is likely that Apple would just unveil the new model on October 30 and shipping would start later. Apart from the new machine, Apple is also expected to launch two new iPad Pro models and a new Mac mini during its upcoming event.

Which product are you most excited to see on October 30? Let us know down in the comments.

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