Apple’s 12-Inch MacBook Is Being Sold For A Massive $550 Discount

MacBook $550 discount

It’s not every day that you get to see an Apple product being offered for a hefty discount and the company’s 12-inch 2015 MacBook has been slashed by $550. Granted, it’s the Broadwell powered notebook, but look at all the hardware you’re getting in return.

12-inch MacBook Price Slashed With A $550 Discount Features A Core m7 Processor

One can say that the Type-C USB port present in the 12-inch MacBook started it all and while that might be the only port present in the ultra-slim notebook, it definitely caused a change that other manufacturers have started to take note off. The disappointing thing about this discount is that it’s not for the Skylake powered one, which would have guaranteed you better battery life, performance, and higher read and write speeds, but it’s still a discount worth looking into.

MacBook (6)

The 12-inch 2015 MacBook comes with an Intel 5th generation Core m7 processor, and while the base clock speed of the CPU is not the most attractive thing to look at, its boost clock speed will definitely provide you with the much needed edge that you need to tackle all important tasks. Keep in mind that the notebook is not intended to deliver hefty amounts of processing power, even though there are several pieces of evidence showing that the notebook can easily handle 4K editing (Apple’s superior OS also comes into play here).


As for the storage, you get 256GB of PCIe storage coupled with 8GB of RAM. We understand that one of the biggest gripes of owning the 12-inch MacBook is lack of flexibility in the form of connectivity ports, but there are aftermarket accessories that you can purchase in order to make this happen. If you have spent a lot of money on a MacBook, then might as well spend a little more on an accessory that will help your experience too.

The deal is available at B&H, so you can check it out whenever you feel like it.

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Will this massive discount force you to upgrade to the 2015 MacBook? Tell us your thoughts right away.


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