Mac Pro Still in the Works, Will Use the ‘Successor’ to the M1 Ultra Currently Used in the Mac Studio

Mac Pro Still in the Works, Will Use the ‘Successor’ to the M1 Ultra Used in the Mac Studio

Apple’s M1 Ultra is currently the company’s fastest custom SoC in existence and is used in the Mac Studio. According to the latest report, a successor is currently in development and being made for the more powerful Mac Pro.

Earlier Rumor Claimed the M1 Ultra’s Successor Could Fuse Two Powerful Apple Silicon for the Mac Pro

During Apple’s presentation of the M1 Ultra, the company announced that its most powerful chipset was not only eight-times the size of the M1 but it was made by combining two M1 Max parts, a process the Cupertino-based giant likes to call UltraFusion. This process helps unlock new performance levels for the Mac Studio, and since it is meant to be a stationary machine, it can operate at a higher wattage without any worry for portability or battery drain.

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The Mac Pro could be a more powerful variant of the Mac Studio, with a Bloomberg report stating that it features the codename J180 and will sport an unnamed chipset that will serve as the successor to the M1 Ultra.

“A Mac Pro, codenamed J180. This machine will include a successor to the M1 Ultra chip used in the Mac Studio computer.”

Mark Gurman, who published the report, has provided no other information surrounding this ‘successor’ so there is no way to confirm what it will officially be called or the number of cores it will have. However, one statement from the reporter indicates that the new Apple Silicon will be based on TSMC’s 4nm process and is currently being tested with third-party apps in the App Store.

“The company is testing at least nine new Macs with four different M2-based chips -- the successors to the current M1 line -- with third-party apps in its App Store, according to the logs, which were corroborated by people familiar with the matter. The move is a key step in the development process, suggesting that the new machines may be nearing release in the coming months.”

Then again, an earlier rumor claimed that the Mac Pro would feature two M1 Ultra combined together using Apple’s UltraFusion process. While Gurman has no prediction history of the Mac Pro using a chipset formed through UltraFusion, he did state earlier that the workstation will have a custom silicon with up to a 40-core CPU and 128-core GPU.

Unfortunately, he has not mentioned these specifications in the latest report, so we will have to see what new Apple Silicon is found in the Mac Pro when it officially launches.

News Source: Bloomberg

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