Billionaire Son’s Lucky Dog Gets a Total of 8 iPhone 7 Handsets


If you thought that the iPhone 7 was far too much for your budget you’re going to feel even worse when you find out that a Chinese billionaire’s son gifted a total of eight iPhone 7 handsets to his pet dog. You could say that we live in a cruel world, but it’s the best one we’ve got so far.

Billionaire’s Son Spends Near $8,000 on iPhone 7 Devices for His Pet Dog

Wang Sicong is the son of Wang Jialin, a Chinese businessman whose net worth is over $30 billion, and his pet dog’s name is Coco. Coco is probably luckier than us humans who want to snag ourselves an iPhone 7. Not only did the dog not have to pay for these iPhone 7’s, he received a total of eight of them. Previously, the son showed off that his pet dog was wearing two Apple Watches with luxury brands worth upwards of $37,000 showing how the dog is living the good life.


As for the pricing of Apple’s iPhone 7, in China, the cost of the smartphone ranges between 6,388 and 7,988 yuan (that is equal to approximately $956.98 and $1,196.68 USD). In other words, this means that Sicong spent upwards of $7,655 on phones for his dog, but seeing as how he’s the son of a billionaire, it probably didn’t even sting him nor his wallet.

Wang Sicong didn’t provide a statement on why he bought a total of eight iPhone 7’s for his dog when one would suffice, but it is possible that he ended up purchasing different color models and varied storage variants. Since the pet dog will naturally have no use for these devices, Wang can use them as spares to carry out a series of torture tests or other activities. Being the son of a billionaire definitely has its perks, though.