Looks Like Upcoming iPhones Will Not Have Intel LTE Chips In Them

Previously, it was reported that Apple was in talks with Intel to place the company’s LTE modems in its upcoming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. However, it appears that the rumor can finally be debunked because the upcoming smartphone duo will in fact be sporting Qualcomm’s LTE chips that are processed on the 20 nm process. However, do not count Intel out of the game just yet because the Cupertino tech giant will be eyeing the company for future partnerships.

Apple Looking At Intel To Incorporate Its LTE Chips For 2017 iPhones

The latest report states that while Intel’s 28 nm LTE chips will not be found in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, there is a very high chance that these chips will be present in iPhone 6c. While iPhone 6c will feature FinFET chips, it will most likely carry a much smaller price tag than iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, meaning that it could also feature Intel’s LTE chips.

As for Qualcomm’s LTE modems, they are manufactured on TSMC’s 20 nm process and will be able to deliver Cat 6 LTE speeds. Additionally, the smaller lithographic process of these modems mean that users will be able to connect to high-speed carrier networks and have their battery life depleted at a much slower rate as compared to previous generation iPhones.

We were also able to report that there is a chance that a 5 inch iPhone is announced next month, but the source was not able to ascertain whether or not the handset will be sporting Qualcomm’s LTE modem, or Intel’s. As far as 2015 and 2016 goes, Intel will be cut off from the supply equation, but Apple plans on tapping the company to incorporate LTE chips in the 2017 version of iPhones. Intel will definitely have a chance to prove the tech giant its worth, despite the fact that this opportunity will take place after two whole years.

Regardless, it is not every day that you get to partner with the most valuable company in the world.


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