Looks Like Even Huawei Is Preparing A Laptop To Expand To Another Category


Xiaomi is not the only Chinese tech company that is preparing a notebook to enter the market during 2016. Looks like Huawei is also going to target this market, and what is even more exciting about the upcoming notebook is that the machine also features a name, which you will find out shortly.

Huawei Matebook Is Going To Be Name Of The Upcoming Notebook – Sounds Awfully Familiar To Apple’s MacBook

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard that correctly; Huawei Matebook is going to be the name of the upcoming notebook from the smartphone manufacturing firm. Since there is a fair amount of time for the notebook to officially enter the market, we have no pricing idea at this current time. However, we are under the impression that the this machine is going to carry a much higher price as compared to Xiaomi’s upcoming laptop because there is quite a pricing disparity that exists between the two company’s mobile devices.

Furthermore, we had also covered that the upcoming laptop from Xiaomi is going to feature Intel’s high-end Skylake processors (due to the timeline they will appear in). However, this is where the differences start to pour in because Huawei is used to incorporating its Kirin chipsets inside its mobile products, so there is a very high chance that the firm will maintain that approach when choosing which components are going to be present inside its upcoming machines as well. Now, here is where things get very interesting; since Intel’s Skylake processors are obviously more capable compared to mobile chipsets, they will increase the pricing of Xiaomi’s laptops.

With Huawei’s Kirin chipsets, it is possible that the company could be targeting a lower segment of the market with a smaller price tag, but at this current point, we have no concrete information surrounding it other than the fact that it is going to be called Huawei Matebook. As we move closer to the end of 2015, we are confident that more information will be provided to you in terms of additional hardware specifications and most importantly, it’s pricing details.

Do you guys think that the Huawei has a good chance of penetrating the laptop market with its own laptop offerings? Let us know your thoughts right away.