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Consider yourself lucky today, as we have found a great deal of paid iOS apps that have gone absolutely free for download.

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It's always a delight to stumble across paid iOS apps that have gone free. But it can be tough to find the right apps that suit your taste from the get-go. That's why we go through all the iOS apps and handpick the best ones that are bound to strike a chord with our readers. We're certain you'll find something handy in today's list as well. So pick up your iPhone or iPad and get downloading.

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Livego - Regular price $2.99, Now FREE

Stunning Live Wallpapers for your iPhone are here.
It’s time to bring your iPhone to Life with animated moving Wallpapers.
Brag to your friends and family with the new look of your iPhone.

Download Livego for iOS [App Store link]

DivyMe - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

The best way to ask your friends to chip in for gas is never in person. DivyMe assists you in calculating the cost of your trip and divvying it amongst your riders. Save your gas station fill-ups to accurately calculate the cost of your trips and discover your vehicles MPG (miles per gallon).

Download DivyMe for iOS [App Store link]

Smart Merge Pro - Regular price $2.99, Now FREE

Your contacts are the most important data in your phone which easily becomes messy if not consistently updated.
Smart Merge Pro easily helps you detect and merge duplicate contacts.

Download Smart Merge Pro for iOS [App Store link]

Personal Mood Journal - Regular price $2.99, Now FREE

This wonderful app is built from the ground up as a simple mood journal, personal diary, and graphing/charting tool. Personal Mood Journal is for people with bipolar and those who want to track their moods. Personal Mood Journal lets you view and monitor your mood swings as it goes up and down. The app features hash tagging in journal entries (e.g. #TrackMyMood) and charts that help you get more visibility into yourself.

Download Personal Mood Journal for iOS [App Store link]

Spark Camera - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Spark Camera makes it easier than ever to capture a weekend, a vacation, or anything that makes your life light up.

Download Spark Camera for iOS [App Store link]

Here Are All the New Features Coming With iOS 15.2 Release

GPS Speed - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

GPS Speed is a simple but smart tracker for iPhone and iWatch

GPS Speed tracks your current speed in km/h, ml/h and knots.
Now you easily can track you trip and see your max, average speed, time of your trip and distance you have made.

Download GPS Speed for iOS [App Store link]

Pro Keyboard with PC Layout - Regular price $3.99, Now FREE

Welcome to the best keyboard for iPad professional users, with gestures for faster typing, PC layout, math keyboard, and many more pro features.

Download Pro Keyboard with PC Layout for iOS [App Store link]