Make Your Life Easier By Availing This 97% Discount On The Lifetime MCSA Windows Server 2016 Bundle – Limited Time Offer


Studying for getting career related certifications is getting harder each day. Not just because they are so hard but also because the entire process is extremely expensive. Passing these certifications requires hard work and consistency and don’t forget tons of money. Wccftech is going to make the process easier for you providing a 97% discount on the Lifetime MCSA Windows Server 2016 Bundle.

Lifetime MCSA Windows Server 2016 Bundle features

The bundle has 3 very comprehensive courses that will help you ace these certifications in no time. Here are highlights of what each course has to offer:

Microsoft 70-740: Installation, Storage And Compute With Windows Server 2016 – Get Started Towards Your MCSA Certification

Microsoft 70-741: Networking With Windows Server 2016 – Cover All Things Networking in Windows Server 2016

  •  Access 81 lectures and 21 hours of content 24/7
  •  Cover various types of remote access capabilities supported by Windows Server 2016
  •  Explore options available to optimize branch office scenarios such as BranchCache and the Distributed File System
  •  Learn advanced networking features that are new and improved in Windows Server 2016

Microsoft 70-742: Identity With Windows Server 2016 – Become a Master Working with Active Directory Domain Services

  •  Access 77 lectures and 20 hours of content 24/7
  •  Learn how to install and configure domain controllers
  •  Deploy other Active Directory server roles such as AD FS and AD CS
  •  Secure AD DS and work with complex AD infrastructures

The bundle is designed by iCollege, a company that has become popular for its wide variety of e-learning courses, learning technologies and development services.

Original Price Lifetime MCSA Windows Server 2016 Bundle: $999

Wccftech Discount Price Lifetime MCSA Windows Server 2016 Bundle: $29