LG G6 Teaser Paints Reliability All Over the Flagship – No More Bootloops Ever Again?


Following the teaser where LG wanted to send a message that its G6 was going to be smarter than your average smartphone, the manufacturer is at it again hinting that the problems being experienced on the company’s previous lineup of flagships are not going to be experienced on this one.

New LG G6 Teaser Aims to Show the Smartphone Crowd That the Upcoming Flagship Is Going to Be ‘Reliable’

The problem with LG’s phones seems to be associated with the software as several users on Reddit threads and forums continue to complain that their devices were stuck on bootloops and failed to progress towards the home screen. This was obviously very frustrating for the consumer and it forced them to look for different alternatives and to be honest since other devices were not suffering from the magnitude of bootloop problems that LG’s devices were plagued with, we can pretty much pin the entire blame on the manufacturer.

LG G6 Get Android Pie on Verizon and in Europe

Fast forward to 2017, LG is aiming to help consumers regain their confidence in the company with a teaser (via Android Central) image that shows that the smartphone is going to be reliable. Well, reliability is such an ambiguous term and it could mean anything to users. For starters, because of the widespread bootloop issues that users were facing with previously launched handsets, we can safely assume that the device will be free from these obstacles. Another reliability factor that can come into play is durability.

Durability is one of the factors when purchasing a phone and although the LG V20 was built like a tank, it did not rid it free of the bootloop issues that users were experiencing. That being said, we’d like to believe that the G6 is not only going to be built like a tank but also deliver a refined software experience unlike any other. Sure, no smartphone is free from software bugs, but the ubiquitous nature of LG’s bootloop problems shows that a little effort can go a long way in securing a loyal customer.

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