The LG G6 Leaks Again! Latest Image Shows Well Designed Front & All Metal Build

The last couple of days have been gracious when it comes to the LG G6. Several key bits of information are now available for the device. For starters, LG will remove the modular design from its flagship smartphone lineup this year. The Korean manufacturer's innovative feature failed to gain market attention last year. The G6 will also feature Google's Assistant and a non-removable battery. Today, another image of the device has surfaced which confirms a previous leak. Take a look below to find out more.

The LG G6 Leaks In Another Alleged Image Confirming Front Facade Design

In the world of flagship smartphones, design has become a feature of permanent importance. Given that smartphones are also accessories in addition to gadgets, a well designed device significantly catches user attention. To that end, every top end manufacturer painstakingly ensures that its devices don't fall behind in this critical aspect. In fact, Apple's recent dismal performance with the iPhone lineup's design has started to make its impact on the company's financials.

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Now, with this year's flagship smartphone season about to kick off, we're starting to see a lot of visual leaks. Just a couple of days back the LG G6 surfaced in an alleged image leak. It showed off the device's front facade with an interesting, rounded off approach. Today, yet another image showing similar details has surfaced. LG seems to have blended aesthetics and functionality seamlessly on the G6's front.

It looks to be an all metal device with the antenna bands emerging at the top corners. Previous rumors claim that the G6 won't feature a removable battery, which falls in line nicely with the device featuring an all metal build. Apart from this, little other details can be gleaned off from this image. The SD/SIM card slot appears to be at the top left with the usual assortment of camera, sensors and microphone present at the device's top. All in all, it's a nice device though any final verdict should be reserved until detailed leaks, or the actual launch take place.

Latest rumors also suggest that the LG G6 won't ship with a Snapdragon 835 on board. The company's also promised a unique heat pipe mechanism for the flagship, after Samsung's fiasco with the Galaxy Note 7. In short, the LG G6 will be a decent smartphone, worthy of the flagship title. Whether the company will be able to reverse its ill fortunes from last year, only time will tell. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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