LG G6 Is Quite Scratch-Resistant and You Can Thank Its Premium Body for That


Using a premium metal body for a smartphone not only increases the score of the user’s first impression but also upgrades the durability factor for the device. Going for the metal and glass approach, the LG G6 goes for a brief scratch test and comes out unscathed, showing that the gamble to use high-end and expensive materials paid off well in the end.

Glass Back of the LG G6 Is Quite Scratch-Resistant and Also Helps to Give the Phone Its Wireless Charging Feature

LG G6’s first scratch-test has been posted online in the form of a video and it shows the individual that takes a knife to the rear side of the smartphone. Thanks to the reflective back, you can tell that LG has used a premium combination of metal and glass to not only upgrade the aesthetics of the smartphone but also make it the first phone from the company to provide support for wireless charging. If you use a high-quality glass, then it will be scratch-resistant as exhibited by the latest test.

LG G6 Get Android Pie on Verizon and in Europe

The rear side of the smartphone is scratched continuously and as far as we can tell, there wasn’t a mark made on the phone, so thumbs up to LG for taking the steps to ensure a high-quality phone was announced to the public. However, there are a few things that you should know about highly scratch-resistant glass; the higher it can withstand scratches, the more brittle it becomes and if you accidentally drop the phone on a hard surface, the glass finish might shatter instantly so be careful about the trade-offs in the long run.

The scratch test also concludes that everyday objects ranging from keys, coins and pins are not going to inflict damage on the G6. So far we’re very impressed with the build quality of the phone and if you’re interested you can a took a look down below.