The LG G6 Sees Case Render Leak Showing Dual Camera & More


With a little more than 12 hours left until 2017 is officially with us, the leaks just don't want to stop. We're heading closer to next year's flagships day by day and the pace of alleged information surfacing online is increasing as well. Today, it's the turn of the LG G6 to finally grace us with some details on its features. The device will redeem LG, who faced a rather disappointing market response with the LG G5 this year. Take a look below to find out more.

LG G6 Sees Case Render Surface With Little Details Shown

2016 has been an interesting year, to say the least. While there have been little upgrades in terms of design for a majority of flagships, a couple of new features have become the norm. One of these is the dual camera, which has started to permeate flagships bit by bit. After Apple's adoption of the feature of the iPhone 7 Plus, we're hearing that Samsung will make similar moves with the Galaxy S8 next year. Now, looks like  LG might adopt the feature next year as well.

While the LG G5 was the first in the G lineup to come with a dual camera, things on the LG G6 have been very uncertain so far. The G5 wasn't a very popular device among consumers. As a result, we're now hearing whispers of the company choosing to abandon the modular design for its successor. However, the dual camera is here to stay. An alleged case render of the LG G6 has surfaced today.


As you can take a look above, the LG G6 will feature a dual camera and a fingerprint sensor on its rear. Apart form these features, very little details can be discerned from the image. However, it's a pleasant change of events, for a device that saw barely no leaks prior to December. The bar is set quite high for a lot of Android manufacturers next year, as 2016 didn't do a lot of folks any favors. Samsung suffered terribly with the Galaxy Note 7 and LG didn't fare any well with the G5 either.

For the LG G6, the device is rumored to feature a glass back, an LCD display, no modular design and the Snapdragon 835 as its processor. Other details for its specifications and design aren't known as of yet. However, things won't change much from the LG G5 in overall looks, if some reder leaks are taken as fact. Given that there's still a lot of time till the device is launched, more information will surface. Till then, stay tuned and let us now what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.