LG teases a Brand New Camera Mode for Its Upcoming G6 – Manual Controls Also Present in the Phone


Out of several features present in the G6, LG is once again targeting the camera side of things, since investing in an expensive flagship will require that it packs very capable shooters on both ends. Previously, the company teased the dual-camera configuration on the back side, where one lens would be able to snap images in wide-angle form, and now the company has teased a brand new camera format that’s present in the app’s UI.

LG’s G6 Will Have a New Square Mode Where Users Can Immediately Preview the Result of the Snap

The square mode is going to be a very different mode on the G6 and if you take a look at the teaser, we believe that you too will appreciate the fact that it will end up save your time when snapping images immediately. What the camera UI has done with this square mode is that there will be two squares present when you fire up the camera app. The top square will act as your smartphone’s viewfinder while the square at the bottom will become your image preview screen.

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Immediately after pressing the shutter button while using the square mode, the preview of the image will show up at the bottom without switching the camera app at all. Remember, the viewfinder is not going to switch to the preview pane because you will be able to view both squares on the display. That is going to be the advantage of viewing on the 5.7-inch panel because the ample screen real estate will mean that you will be able to view both squares with a lot of ease.

The G6 is going to be announced during the MWC 2017 trade show and will feature support for wireless charging as well as be IP68 certified. Rumor has it that the flagship is going to be running Google Assistant right off the bat, amongst other upgrades. Let us hope that the company will finally be able to prevent what transpired with its previous flagships and finally make a worthy contender for the best Android flagship phone of 2017.