LG G6 Vs LG G5 Image Leak Shows Rounded Corners, Neat Sensor Placement & Remarkable Bezels


Only a couple of days are left until LG launches the G6. A lot of information has surfaced o the device, courtesy of both teasers and leaks. The big news w.r.t the LG G6 is that the smartphone will not feature the Snapdragon 835. Samsung's not gone easy with the processor's limited supply and as a result, LG like a  other manufacturers will have to wait until later this year to use the processor in its smartphone. Still, the G6 will change a lot of features over its predecessors. Today, an image showing the LG G5 and the LG G6 side by side has surfaced. Take a look below for more details.

LG G6 Pictured Alongside The LG G5 Shows How Much The Device's Design Will Change

The Snapdragon 835 notwithstanding, the LG G6 will be an amazing all round device. LG's a great company which pays special attention towards critical and new features on a smartphone. The LG G5 is the first true modular smartphone, allowing users to achieve a lot of things by simply adding on accessories to the device. While this has failed to catch market attention, the company hasn't given up on change, as doing so will be outright stupid.

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Thin bezels will be the tagline of smartphones this year, according to the rumor mill. The iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 will almost remove them from the equation and introduce button free front facades. LG will also make similar changes. The G6's display will feature interesting rounded corners, which will blend with the device's overall form factor. It's a very subtle approach towards design, one that has a long way to go in the market.

Taking a look at the image above, we see that the G5 and G6 will be completely different devices, in terms of design. While the former features aesthetically unsound top and bottom bezels, with the G6 we get a completely different look.  Not only have the top and bottom bezels been reduced significantly for the G6, the placement of the sensors on its top is also very disciplined.

LG's teased a lot of features for the G6. The smartphone will feature a dual camera, a wide angle front camera, dust and water resistance and improved durability. The company's in a bit of a rut due to the Snapdragon 835's shortage. It needs to play its cards smartly with the G6, or the device might end up like its predecessor; a smartphone with great features but little market demand. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section and stay tuned for the latest. We'll keep you updated.