LG G6 Has a Very Interesting Name for Its Bezel-Less Display Approach


From virtual assistants to near bezel-less displays, Android smartphone manufacturers are teasing the newest ways on how they’re going to make their devices smarter and better looking at the same time. One of the most anticipated smartphones of 2017 is undoubtedly the LG G6 and from what we’ve heard about the handset in the form of constant leaks and rumors, premium is a word that’s always attached to it somewhere or the other. Now, the company has decided to go in a different direction in giving a very interesting name to the display of the phone.

‘Full Vision’ Expected to Be the Name of the LG G6’s Display – Here’s Why the Company Chose Such a Name

According to the company, the LG G6 is expected to feature a 2,880 x 1440 resolution, crossing the QHD resolution mark in the process. This will give the handset an 18:9 ratio and the reason why the manufacturer has chosen such a name for its crown jewel is because its resolution is expected to fill up the entire front face of the device (via ZDNet). This will definitely give it a huge makeover in contrast to the V20 and G5 and certainly make it a contender against the upcoming Galaxy S8, which has also been rumored to come with the same aesthetic approach.

LG G6 Get Android Pie on Verizon and in Europe

However, such an approach will also result in making the device brittle, particularly from the corners. No doubt case manufacturers are going to be officially rolling out their high-end cases that cover the screen as well as the dual-camera lens so when the phone is dropped, the lens and the display do not make direct contact with the unforgiving surface it has been dropped on, alleviating a large portion of the damage.

LG G6 has also been rumored to be the first smartphone outside of the Pixel family to come with Google Assistant pre-installed, so overall, we’re expecting a great offering from the manufacturer at the MWC 2017 trade show. How do you feel about the interesting name the company has chosen for its bezel-less display? Let us know right away.