LG Teases Its AI Assistant on the G6 in the Form of an Image With a Clever Tagline


As far as the rumored selling points of the G6 go, the chipset isn’t one of them, but there are upgrades that the handset is expected to feature that its predecessors never came with. The company has decided to provide a teaser on what future users can expect from a smartphone that’s expected to function even more smartly than devices we’re using right now.

LG Teases That the Virtual Assistant Present on the G6 Is Going Be an Intelligent Addition to the Flagship

Though G6 has been rumored to come running with a virtual assistant, there are more than a few rumors that are preventing us from coming to a conclusion. On one hand, it has been rumored that the device will be able to run Alexa and on the other end, the smartphone has been reported to being the first mobile product out of the Pixel family to come running Google Assistant. Some rumors are also pointing to the fact that the handset might come running both assistants (via ZDNet), which should definitely be a show to see.

LG G6 Get Android Pie on Verizon and in Europe

As far as the specifications go, LG G6 is expected to feature a 2,880 x 1440 resolution, crossing the QHD resolution mark in the process. This will give the handset an 18:9 ratio and the company has given it a unique name for a bezel-less frame. The company is calling it Full Vision and there are other features that will make it a great contender for the Android flagship family of 2017 if you count out the chipset that is.

We feel that the smartphone would benefit more from running Google Assistant. With Google collecting tons of user information in order to provide them with things based on their interests, LG would not even have to do the hard software labor with Google Assistant’s updates as the tech giant would be handling all of that in the near future. What virtual assistant do you wish to see and use on the upcoming flagship? Let us know your thoughts right away.

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