LG G6 Actual Image Leaked Showing Glossy Back and the Famous Dual-Camera Setup


This is possibly the closest we’ve ever come to report an LG G6 in the form of an actual image leak, and after looking at the image, we feel that the manufacturer certainly put some effort in designing the handset in such a manner that it delivers a premium feel. Let us hope that when the teardown process is carried out, the flagship actually ends up using high-end materials.

LG G6 Live Image Leak Shows Glossy Black Similar to Apple’s Jet Black iPhone With a Dual-Camera Setup

The rear side of the LG G6 can be seen in the image below (via Business Insider) and while we would have wanted to take a gander at the front side of the flagship, the rear isn’t bad to look at either. First off, the fingerprint reader is situated at this side, and this is a position that several other manufacturers use for their devices since your index finger can comfortably be positioned on it. The second thing we noticed was the logo, and looking at the name ‘LG G6’ etched at the bottom, it appears that the image pretty much gave away that we are looking at the upcoming flagship.

LG G6 Get Android Pie on Verizon and in Europe

LG has been using dual-camera configurations on its smartphones for quite some time and it looks like the G6 isn’t going to be any different from the rest. There are definitely some achievements of the flagship that we’d like to point out along the way. Previously, a rumor came out that the smartphone was going to be IP68 certified and it would provide support for wireless charging as well. With this ingress protection, the G6 will join the same ranks as Samsung’s flagships, but you should be informed that water damage is probably not going to be covered under warranty.

There is also a rumor that a 32-bit audio DAC will be present and will result in delivering superior sound quality while you’re listening to music through the speakers or with the headphones plugged, suggesting that it is probably to have a marketing campaign targeted to audiophiles. There was one other rumor fluttering around that the upcoming handset could be the first from the non-stock Android running phones to feature Google Assistant, and all of that integration is definitely going to cost LG some money, and they intend to make it up by charging you a premium.

Looking at the image, we feel that LG is included to charge a premium? What do you think about the latest leaked image? Let us know right away.