LG G4 To Wait For The Snapdragon 810 And To Not See MWC Launch

Looks like Qualcomm's SoC troubles are affecting more than one of its OEMs. After today's reports that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched without the Snapdragon 810 in its initial batches, we have more news from the Korean manufacturer's counterpart, LG. A company executive has spoken to the Korean media about the company's upcoming LG G4 flagship, and while this does see the name for the device confirmed, we have some bad news for all of you eagerly anticipating the G4.

LG-G4-RumorsLG G4 Will Not Be Launched At MWC - Company Will Take Its Time To Smooth Device Out

According to Korean publication, Chosun, LG seems to have decided to delay its flagship launch this year. The company will rather choose to focus on the Internet of Things devices that consist of the likes of smart watches and sensors. A smartwatch with its Web OS Smart TV platform is also expected from the company in Barcelona this May. Speaking about the G4, an LG executive told Chosun that following in the footsteps of the G3's launch last year, LG will be choosing to wait some more before it finally unveils the LG G4 to us.

"We rolled out the G3 in May last year so we do not plan to unveil the G4 at this year's Mobile World Congress and spend more time perfecting the new phone." said the company executive. There could be several reasons behind the company's pushing back of the G4 launch. While LG could simply be choosing to follow suit with the G3's launch last year, things are rarely that simple when it comes to product launches by these companies.

LG is reportedly looking to think different with the G4, according to statements by another LG executive. In addition, the delay could also be associated with the delay of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 due to heating issues. But since the 810 was launched with the G Flex 2 this year, the chances of this being the case are confusing at best. Stay tuned, we'll let you know as this develops.

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