LG Looking To Stand Out By Launching The LG G4 With Android 5.1 According To Leak

With only a month left till its expected release, the LG G4 has started to appear in the news more day by day. After the company's mobile head claimed that he expects the LG G4 to be optimized in both hardware and software, we've received more news today that looks to lend more credibility to his words. LG Mobile head Cho Juno said a couple of days back at the MWC that the G4 will be coming with improved design and software UI designed for enhanced user interaction.

LG-H8181Mysterious LG Device Running Android 5.1 Appears On Html5test Website

A mysterious LG Device, with the codename LG-H818 has appeared today on the html5test website today. For those of you who're out of the loop, H818 has been rumored to be the codename for the LG G4. The device spotted on the website is shown running Android 5.1, as can be seen in the screenshot above. Android 5.1 has been rumored to be coming for quite a while and will take care of all the problems users have been facing in the current update and further streamline performance overall.

The G4 with Android 5.1 on board will not only end up giving the device a good edge over others when it comes to interface, but it also might end up boosting it over others when it comes to sales. Asides from Android 5.1, the device has also been listed previously with a resolution of 1440×2560 meaning that LG might also be looking to not make any resolution changes from the G3 on the G4. Not that we'd hold anything against the manufacturer if it does, higher resolution does end up draining battery significantly apart from providing little changes in viewing experience.

The device spotted today is also rumored to be a variant of the LG G4 headed for Asian markets. We'll know for sure soon enough though, as the G4 is expected to be coming next month as the company intends to differentiate the device from other flagships in more ways than one. How different it'll be, only time will tell. Stay tuned. We'll keep you updated.

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