Lenovo Yoga A12 Brings More Functionality for Affordable and Large Android-Based Tablets


With hybrids and convertibles getting popular thanks to their portability and high battery life, Lenovo aims to bring another competitor with its selling point being its immense affordability. That being said, let us see what the company has fitted inside its latest Yoga A12 in order to make it attractive to consumers who want to purchase an affordable Android tablet for both work and entertainment.

Lenovo Yoga A12 Comes With Its Own Halo Keyboard Feature and Is Running More Than Decent Hardware For Its Price Tag

Featuring a 12-inch display, it is strange to hear that an Android slate would come with its own keyboard functionality, but you’ll be happy to know that the latest product from Lenovo comes with its own Halo keyboard; the same one present on the $499 Yoga Book. Featuring an Intel Atom x5 chipset, the processor might be slower compared to the likes of Snapdragon 820, but once you get to hear the price tag, you’ll probably agree with the step that Lenovo has taken.

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The Yoga A12 also comes with 2GB of RAM coupled with 32GB of native storage, but there are no details if the tablet is going to come with expandable storage or not. According to Venture Beat, the Yoga A12 does not feature its own stylus like the Yoga Book, which is alright seeing as how you’re not throwing a small fortune on the slate. According to Lenovo, you will be able to get around 13 hours of battery life, assuming the company isn’t exaggerating the capability of the product.

Now for the ultimate selling point in our opinion; its price tag. For $299, there’s not much you can complain about this product, especially when there are hybrids being sold for twice or thrice the aforementioned retail price. Sure, there are much better chipset options out there for Lenovo to choose from, but that wouldn’t have necessary heralded the affordable $299 price tag now would it? With a whole bunch of office apps available at the Play Store, pair a Bluetooth mouse and get your work or entertainment run started on this slate, which will start being sold from February 8.