Lenovo P2 Sports A Huge Battery And A Decent SoC For An Affordable Price Tag

Lenovo P2 big battery decent specs

We had not seen a high-end smartphone from Lenovo for quite some time now, save for the company’s phone that was compatible with Google’s Project Tango. However, Lenovo P2 is an upcoming phone that packs decent hardware configuration, but its selling point will definitely be its massive battery capacity and superior build quality.

Lenovo P2 Sports A Huge 5,000mAh Cell And Snapdragon 625 Underneath Its Hood

One of the things that we’re been hearing majority of manufacturers adopt to their smartphones is an AMOLED display, and for Lenovo P2, the most unexpected thing was seeing an AMOLED display being a part of the configuration. There are several advantages of using AMOLED displays in mobile devices, which have been listed below:

  • Richer colors
  • Faster refresh rates
  • Lowered power consumption
  • Thinner size

The resolution has been retained at 1080p, which is the right approach, since smaller number of pixels will not stress the processor’s resources, and you will have plenty of talk time remaining thanks to the 5,000mAh cell. In fact, according to My Drivers, Lenovo P2’s massive battery capacity will allow the user to gain up to 2 whole days of battery life. Most mobile devices are unable to provide you with a whole day of battery life and here we have a 5.5-inch handset with a metal unibody providing you with 48 hours of battery life.

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The phablet is going to be running Android 6.0.1 ‘out of the box’ and one strange combination that we have noticed from the smartphone is the chipset and RAM duo. There is 4GB of RAM present, so at the same time, we’d expect that a Snapdragon 650 would be part of the hardware specifications. Surprisingly, a Snapdragon 625 is present and according to the source, it’s manufactured on the 14nm FinFET node. We’ve placed a video of the chipset, so you’ll find all the necessary details about it listed at the bottom, but a smartphone of this build quality, RAM count and battery capacity should have at least feature a Snapdragon 652 or 650 as a bare minimum to provide an additional performance headroom to the user.


The price tag however, is quite attractive, and it’s expected that Lenovo P2 is going to retail of 1,999 Yuan, or $301. Its current selling point is definitely its battery life, and that price tag isn’t looking too bad either. What do you guys think of the specifications? Tell us your thoughts right away.


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