Learn How To Install Windows 10 On Any Lumia Phone With The Steps Here


At its Windows 10 launch event this January, Microsoft highlighted several features for Windows 10. One of these included a step further in cross-platform integration and showcased what Windows 10 for mobile devices will look like,. Well, if you can't wait for Microsoft to officially roll out the Windows 10 update for your mobile devices, a method to install the software on any Lumia phone has become available. So take a look below and follow the steps if you want to run Windows 10 on your Lumia phone.

Lumia-935Before starting however, do understand that it is very possible to complete ruin your device while performing this fix. So make sure you're doing this on a backup device and not on your primary phone. So far, the update has shown to work on the Lumia 1520, 930 and 1320. So let's start.

  • Start by resetting your Lumia device by clicking here. Restore your phone after Windows 10 has been installed.
  • Download and install the Windows Insider app from here.
  • In the Windows Insider app, navigate to the about options and note down the settings listed over there.
  • Download the WPInsiderHacks app from here. Install the app and grant any firewall requests generated.
  • Connect your device to the wi fi that your PC's on and set it to use your PC's IP address with 8877 as the port.
  • Open Internet Explorer and head over to http://[pc.ip.add.ress]:8877.
  • Tap on the bottom link for the fiddler root certificate. Open and install the certificate and confirm with Ok.
  • Run the Insider app once again to get preview builds.
  • Choose your custom action and accept the agreement that opens up.
  • Run the Insider app again after clearing your proxy settings.
  • You;'ll now be able to see preview builds for your device. Log in with your Microsoft account and choose fast branch.
  • Now head over to your device settings to check for updates. If the stars allign in your favor, then Windows 10 should be available there for download and install. You might need to go through several updates before you get to the Windows 10 build.

So that's it for now. If you're lucky, then you should now be able to run Windows 10 on your phone. Thanks to folks over at XDA for the hack.