Learn How To Easily Fix Wi-Fi Problems On Your iPhone iPod Or iPad

With iOS 8 being updated, performance and other features have received several upgrades across Apple's device roster. But with this software update, several users are complaining about internet problems on their devices. These are related particularly to Wi Fi and cause decreased or no speeds at all. Well, before you consider taking any drastic steps on the matter, check out our steps below to fix Wi Fi issues on your iOS device.

IMG_0004Access Settings On Your Device.

To fix your iOS device's Wi-Fi problems, you're going to open up its Settings menu. This will give you access to a variety of settings on your device, including those for Privacy, brightness, iCloud, Mail and others. You're going to need to access the Wi-Fi section of Settings to proceed.

IMG_0005Network Information.

Once you're inside the Wi-Fi menu on your iOS device, your next step is to access network information or network settings for the wiresless network that you're connecting to or are already connected to. To do that, simply tap on the little blue circle showing the 'i' next to your Wi Fi connection. This will open up a new menu displaying more options.

IMG_0006Enter Manual DNS Settings.

Once you're inside your Wi-fi networks settings for your iOS device, you're going to have to change its DNS settings and enter a range of values manually. Tap on the blank area beside DNS shown above and enter ",". Once entered, save your settings and exit.

This is a very simple fix, one that many experienced users will already be aware about. What we've done here is basically entered Google's very own DNS settings on your wireless network. However, if you're experiencing problems related to dropped wireless signals on your iOS device, then you're probably going to need to get your device checked or wait for Apple's update. Let us know in the comments section if this solved your Wi-Fi problems.

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