Limited Time Offer: 88% Off The Immersive Angular 2 Bundle


Angular 2 allows developers to architect larger scale and maintainable software. Emerging as a hot-button topic for developers to learn, we are bringing you a limited time offer to learn Angular 2 for just $41. With intensive 44 hours on web's most exciting new framework, you can be sure to set yourself apart from others. Head over Wccftech Deals and get the Immersive Angular 2 Bundle at an 88% discount.

Learn Angular 2 with this comprehensive bundle

The Immersive Angular 2 bundle consists of six different courses. These courses are designed to help you become an expert in this exciting new framework. Following are some of the details of this bundle that lasts only for a day. For more details, please go to our deals page.

1- Angular 2 From The Ground Up

This Angular 2 Course is 9 Hours & Still Growing, So Get On Board Now!

Learning Angular 2, the new version of the JavaScript framework created by Google, is easy with this immersive 9 hour course. You'll cover all the fundamentals of Angular 2 and gain the skills to separate yourself from other web developers. The best part? This course is still adding content that you'll have access to down the line.

2- Learn Angular 2 Development By Building 10 Apps

Build 10 Useful Apps & Discover the New Abilities of This Powerful, Scalable JavaScript Library

Angular 2 is the latest version of the powerful JavaScript library, AngularJS, and has been praised for the speed, cross-platform capability, flexibility, and expressiveness it has augmented from the original framework. The new features of Angular 2 put a greater emphasis on mobile development, browser compatibility, and dynamic loading. Throughout this course, you'll use Angular 2 to build 10 apps, gaining a better grasp of this new technology as you go.

3- Angular 2 Crash Course

The Newest Version of the Popular AngularJS Framework Will Give Your Resume a Major Boost

If you want to gain a competitive edge in UI/UX design, web development, or mobile apps, then it's important to know Angular 2, the newest version of the popular AngularJS framework. Regardless of experience, this course will get you up to date with all the basic AngularJS features, and all the new ones contained in Angular 2. You'll start with an introduction to TypeScript, the Cloud 9 IDE, and using Angular 2 modules, before progressing to building your own Angular 2 projects.

Other courses include:

  • 4- Angular 2 with TypeScript for Beginners: The Pragmatic Guide: This Comprehensive Course Will Have You Building Angular 2 Applications in Minutes
  • 5- Angular 2 Fundamentals for Web Developers: Build More Dynamic Websites with The Newest Version of This Google Framework
  • 6- Angular 2 Demystified: Build Scalable, Maintainable Mobile & Web Apps with Angular 2

Original value: $349 | Wccftech Deals: $41 at 88% discount