Master Advanced Cloud Computing with AWS for $39


Future-proof your IT skills, master next-generation computing technologies and learn to super change business efficiency with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is one of the most popular cloud services used by some of the top-notch services, including Netflix. Learn advanced cloud computing with AWS and improve your chances of getting a better job. Already a professional? This 10-module course will help you improve operational costs and efficiency by deploying AWS like an expert.

Bringing you huge savings of over $650, you can now get access to this online course - including 17 hours of instructor-led learning - for just $39!

advanced cloud computing aws

Advanced Cloud Computing with AWS

Every company wants to improve operational efficiencies and cut costs. That's why understanding the features of cloud computing and AWS will help you excel in your career, and make you a valuable part of any team. Start with the basics of cloud computing, and by the end of the 10-module course you’ll know how to deploy, manage, and use Amazon Web Services like a pro.

  • Learn how to improve operational efficiency w/ Amazon Web Services
  • Future-proof your IT skills
  • Access 17 hours of instructor-led learning
  • Prepare on site network infrastructure to ensure access to resources in the cloud
  • Understand virtualisation & how it is applied by the AWS platform
  • Build & deploy virtualised PCs to create an easily managed, homogenous desktop environment
  • Test your comprehension at the end of each module

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