Latest Update Allows Google Home to Understand Three Commands at Once


The latest battlefield for companies to slug it out is the virtual assistant market. Google holds a firm lead over the rest with Google Assistant, Amazon is a close second with Alexa, and everyone else is lagging behind. Every now and then, we here of Bixby adding a few new features here and there, but it still is miles away from being as good as the Google Assistant. Now that we have established that the Google Assistant is the best, it gets even better as of today. According to a Tweet by Google (which seems to be deleted for some reason), the Google Home smart speaker can now understand up to three commands issued simultaneously.

Now, you can say "Hey Google, tell me about my day, remind me to call Maynard and dim the kitchen lights" all in one go, and the Google Assistant will do all of that for you. It doesn't mean much in the way of saving time—you'll save a few seconds, at best. But, this isn't really about saving time. It's about an even transition to more natural commands that don't require a hotword such as "Hey Google". You'll have to wait for a while though, as several combinations of three commands in a sentence failed to yield any results. We may have to wait for an OTA update that flips the switch, and one

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The Google Home gained the ability to understand two commands at a time only in November, and it'll only be a while before it can understand complex, multi-threaded instructions in one go. It is arguably one of the smartest 'smart speaker' in the market, as it can distinguish between voices, control appliances and even order food for you online. Now, all we need for it to do is tell us if a four-panel image with lines is loss and we'll be good to go.