Latest OnePlus 3 Update Is Discomforting Users Quite a Bit – Here Are the Issues They Are Facing


OnePlus might be doing their part in releasing timely updates to fix whatever issues are plaguing OnePlus 3 owners, but we believe that it would play well in their favor if they rigorously test out these software updates before making them available to the public.

Here Are the Issues That OnePlus 3 Owners Are Complaining About After the Update

The software update carries a capacity of 26MB, and while it does address some issues that were being experienced by users earlier on, it’s actually giving them more headaches than you would expect. For example, the latest OS update for OnePlus 3 is preventing Android Pay from working properly. While this is a minute issue, particularly for developing regions, where the concept of smartphone banking transactions has still not penetrated their lifestyle, it still requires a fix.

OnePlus 3 (2)

Users have continued to complain about the front camera, but possibly the worst of the lot is the fact that OnePlus 3 continuously switches from an LTE connection to a 3G or 2G connection. According to Phone Arena, there is a small work around to this little headache and it’s been provided below.

You can lock in an LTE signal on your phone by opening the dialer, tapping on *#*#4636#*#* and opening Phone Information. Click on Preferred network type and select LTE only. This workaround isn't helping everyone, so hopefully another update will soon be on the way.

Regardless, featuring a Snapdragon 820 coupled with 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM for a price of $399 is not something that we should complain about. For this price tag, several other manufacturers do not pay heed to actually rolling out software updates for its consumers. OnePlus might have committed a large error on its part, but we are being sympathetic towards them because they will probably release a fix in the foreseeable future.


What sort of problems have you encountered after the software update? Tell us your thoughts right away.

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